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As part of MOPUpgraders’s commitment and service to clients, a series of articles will be published periodically. These articles have been designed to empower and educate clients on Singapore real estate.

The topics covered will enable home seekers, investors and owners to garner critical information, which will help them increase their knowledge of the property market. This is in turn will lead to clearer and informed decision making.


MOPUpgraders team hopes you enjoyed reading the article to enlighten your understanding on Singapore's property market. It is important to make calculated and informed decisions in any real estate matters at the best optimal timing (no matter is selling or purchasing property not to mention renting out your own property). To understand and maximize the options available to you, contact us for a detailed discussion and non-obligatory analysis.

MOPUpgraders team will provide you with:

  • The latest trend and analysis of every Singapore real estate segment

  • Detailed financial analysis for you to make any real estate decisions

  • Clarity on the important questions that you need to address

  • Various possible options depending on your current situation

USEFUL directory

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)      


Housing & Development Board (HDB)        


Integrated Land Information Services         


Ministry of National Development (MND) 


Land Transport Authority (LTA)                    


Building and Construction Authority (BCA)


Stamp Duty (IRAS)                                          

Registry of Companies & Businesses          

Foreign Immigration Status                          

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore     

Council for Estate Agencies  

Central Provident Fund Board (CPF Board)

Resales Private Transaction (URA)               

eService (IRAS)                                               

Resales HDB Transaction (HDB)                  

Singapore Power Group                               

Singapore Telecom                                        




Renovation & Decoration Advisory Centre

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