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CONGRATULATIONS! Your HDB  / EC recently fulfilled the 5-year MOP. If your HDB / EC is still less than 10 years, you are also in the right opportunity to upgrade too!

However, if you feel confused about your options and what you should do next, we have good news for you!​

We created a free short survey for you to know whether you can upgrade comfortably without stress and financial burden. After completing it, you will find out exactly what you can achieve with your existing property and plan your next steps.

Some of our clients did the survey below and found out that they were able to upgrade into private property to enjoy better lifestyle or bigger property to enjoy the space.

1st Step Towards Upgrade!

1st page of survey is to gather some basic information about your property in the current market situation.

2nd page of survey is to understand your financial standing to assess the feasibility of your upgrading plan.

What you will receive from us at the end of survey are: Sales Proceeds Financial Plan Purchase Financial Plan.

Since selling and purchasing homes involve huge investment and commitment, everyone would definitely want to ensure that finances are under control and timeline is well managed. 

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