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Increase Value of Your Property with Mop Upgrader

Updated: Jan 24

Looking to upgrade your existing property without stress based on your genuine needs and requirements? Mop Upgraders is the best place to avail needful help.

JJ Wong – the founder of and has been in the real estate industry for more than 6 years. With his experience, he helped many clients achieve their aspirations with the right financial planning and comprehensive timeline planning. We believe that timeline planning and financial planning are two critical elements in ensuring a smooth transaction for MOP owners when they upgrade their properties within their comfort levels

At, we believe in team work to help our clients. Our team offer best house presentation, follow up, negotiation etc. and needed knowledge on reach specific region’s amenities and the latest developments.

Valuation is an art and hence it’s vital to know how much your units (EC / HDB) can draw in the current market. Focusing on all factors can play a part towards valuation such as home renovation, state of the house, facing, level, past price trend etc. We at provide thorough advisory on financial & timeline planning which include step-by-step guidance to owners, so that you can easily upgrade within your comfort and risk levels.

Valuation is an art more than a science. It is important to know how much your units (EC / HDB) can fetch in the current market. All factors play a part towards valuation such as home renovation, state of the house, facing, level, past price trend etc.

If you’re planning your property for HDB upgrade to EC and then sell it at costly price then the first thing that you need to do is to get professional photography so that can capture the beauty of your house combined together with various digital marketing. Hiring a dedicated team will bring massive value to home owners.

Many homeowners put forward their way up the corporate ladder to reward themselves with a lifestyle upgrade prefer sell HDB before mop. HDB has been flexible and understanding towards households that are undergoing exceptional circumstances. Officially, HDB has approved the sale of 5,000 pre-MOP flats between the years 2015 to 2020 for reasons that include financial hardship, divorce, or demise of the owner.

We at, assure that you will receive a MOP waiver to check all your documents in order, so that it could look convincing that why you need to sell your flat when writing your appeal.

About Us

Mop Upgraders aims to educate owners with MOP fulfilled property. With many years of experience, we strive to provide sound consultancy advice to upgrade their property portfolio. Whether you need to sell your HDB before the MOP or you want HDB upgrade to EC, Mop Upgraders is the right answer.


We understand that financial planning can be a daunting task, and we're here to simplify it for you speak with us.

If you have a plan in mind but not sure if it works well – do share with us or let us know.

We will do our best to assist you to make sure you look at your plan from multiple angles and ensure you have a very clear picture on what’s going on.

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