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Options to sell your Executive Condo (EC) after MOP

Updated: Jan 24

Are you contemplating selling your sell ec after mop the Government subsidies and the possibility of capital appreciation make ECs an attractive investment opportunity. Those who wish to cash out their investment earlier may find selling before the MOP to be an enticing alternative.

This article examines the possible ways of selling an EC prior to the MOP, as well as alternative housing options for EC owners who choose to do so. Continue reading to gain knowledge and make an informed decision.

Sell EC before MOP is it possible?

No, an Executive Condominium (EC) cannot be sold before the minimum occupation period (MOP) has expired. The MOP for an EC is five years, during which the owner is not permitted to sell or transfer ownership of the unit, except under certain conditions, such as death, bankruptcy, or divorce.

After the MOP expires, the EC can be freely sold to both Singaporeans and Permanent Residents on the open market. However, it is important to note that the development may be subject to additional conditions and eligibility requirements, such as fulfilling the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) and Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) quota.

Under certain conditions, HDB (Housing and Development Board) may permit exceptional cases. HDB recognizes that each case is unique and may consider exceptions on an individual basis.

If a homeowner faces financial difficulties and needs to sell their HDB flat before the end of the minimum occupation period (MOP), for instance, HDB may consider granting an exception. Other reasons that may be considered include medical issues, family conflicts, and employment-related relocation.

The approval of exceptions by HDB is not guaranteed, and homeowners must provide valid and sufficient reasons for their request. Additionally, homeowners who sell their HDB flat before the end of the MOP may be required to pay a resale levy and other fees.

If you need to request an exception from HDB due to exceptional circumstances, you can contact them for more information on the application process and eligibility requirements.

HDB recognizes that each case is unique and may, under certain conditions, consider exceptional cases. However, exceptions are not guaranteed, and homeowners must provide valid and sufficient justifications for their requests. If you're facing extraordinary circumstances and need to appeal to HDB, our team of experts can help.

In the past, we have successfully assisted homeowners by analyzing their status and situation and offering professional advice. It is essential to note, however, that the final decision rests with HDB. Contact us immediately to schedule a consultation on sell ec before mop or sell hdb before mop and receive the necessary direction for navigating this procedure.

Positives of Selling EC Prior to MOP

As ECs are subsidized by the government, the initial purchase price is lower than that New Launch Condo Singapore, allowing for a greater profit potential. As the value of the EC is likely to increase over time, selling prior to the MOP could result in a larger profit.

No resale price restrictions: There are no resale price restrictions for ECs sold prior to the MOP. This means that you are free to sell ec after mop at any price, which may be higher than the price cap for ECs sold after MOP.

If you sell your EC prior to the MOP, you are not bound by any housing restrictions or regulations. You have the choice between alternative housing options such as HDB resale flats and private condominiums.

Cons of Offering EC Prior to MOP

Lower return on investment: If you sell your EC prior to MOP, you may miss out on the possibility of higher returns if you keep it for a longer period of time. The value of the EC is likely to increase over time; therefore, if you sell it prior to MOP, you may not be able to fully capitalize on your investment.

Higher outlay: EC owners who sell before MOP may be required to repay the government housing grant they received. This can result in a greater cash outlay and reduce the sale's potential profit.

If you sell your EC before MOP, your housing options may be limited because you may not be eligible for other types of subsidized housing, such as BTO flats or ECs.


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