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How does ABSD affect home buyers who want to upgrade?

Updated: Jan 24

The recent announcement by the Singapore government of changes to the Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) rates for residential properties has left property buyers wondering how it will affect their plans to upgrade. ABSD is a tax levied on new launch condo singapore buyers that can significantly increase the cost of upgrading. In this article, we'll go over the key takeaways from recent news, as well as how ABSD affects property buyers who are looking to upgrade.

ABSD rates for Singapore citizens have been raised to 20% from 17% for the purchase of their second property, and to 30% from 25% for the purchase of their third and subsequent properties. ABSD for Singapore permanent residents will be increased from 25% to 30% on their second property, and from 30% to 35% on their third and subsequent properties. ABSD rates for foreigners purchasing any residential property will double to 60% from 30%.

The recent ABSD changes are clearly aimed at reducing investment demand for private residential property. The government hopes that by raising the ABSD rates, it will be able to moderate investment demand and alleviate the tight housing market for owner-occupation and rental. The higher ABSD rates are expected to dampen developer bids for sites, particularly for new launch condo singapore prime Districts 9, 10, and 11 sites that typically target a higher percentage of foreign buyers.

The recent ABSD adjustments may have an impact on property buyers' upgrading plans and financial calculations. Buyers who already own a home in Singapore face higher ABSD rates when purchasing a second or subsequent home. As a result, upgrading your property can be a difficult process, especially when dealing with the ABSD policy.

When planning to upgrade from hdb to private condo, one strategy that property buyers can consider is timing the sale of their existing property to minimize the amount of ABSD payable. Another option is to apply for ABSD remission if certain criteria are met, such as selling their existing property within six months of purchasing their new property. Buyers can also look into other financing options, such as refinancing their current home or taking out a bridging loan. It's important to note that the viability and effectiveness of these strategies will be determined by the buyer's specific situation and financial situation.

Base on the recent ABSD changes emphasize the importance of staying current on policy changes and market trends when considering property upgrades in Singapore. Property buyers should keep an eye on any changes to the ABSD policy, as they may affect their renovation plans and financial calculations. Property buyers can make the upgrading process more manageable and affordable by timing the sale of their existing property, applying for ABSD remission, or exploring alternative financing options. Before making any decisions about property upgrades in Singapore, it is critical to seek professional advice and conduct extensive research.


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