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Pretty Sums Up who is JJ Wong by Past Clients

Graduated from NUS with major in Economics and certified with CEA, JJ Wong is a dedicated and responsible realtor who always put his clients' interest first. 

Honesty, integrity and professionalism are his core principles at work and your needs will always be the top of JJ's concern. Many clients have testified for his service and maybe one day you can testify for him too. Being a two times recipient of the Star Performer Service Award is a testament to his good service. 

Based on his past experience handling different scenarios, he has assisted and provided advice to clients from all walks of life. He believes that every house is marketable. He is here to help you to get the best possible deal for your newly MOP house, so that you can achieve your goal in life. 

He believes in no hard selling but meeting the clients' needs and requirements. He is here to help you in everything to make the best real estate decision. If he thinks any client is not ready, he will not hesitate to walk away and will not want the client to make any haste decision.


    I have been a property wealth planner for almost 6 years. The past 6 years have allowed me to experience many different property transactions and I am "fortunate" enough to see through ups and downs with government cooling measures and policies being implemented.

    Joining real estate industry licensed under CEA is the second career I have had since I left National University of Singapore (NUS) with Degree in Economics. The 1st career property management had opened my eyes towards what I have learnt in NUS especially on topics such as public housing, global economy, Singapore economy, inflation, government policies, financial calculation etc. 

    Many issues revolve around housing and housing topics are always at the top of the mind for most people. I have chosen to focus on MOP owners to plan & restructure their property portfolio and get the best profit from it. It is due to the fact that the demand for MOP units is high and there is better chance for MOP owners to get the best out of their house.

    I’m more than just someone who helps people transact real estate. Based on my experience thus far, timeline planning and financial planning are two critical skills in ensuring a smooth transaction for MOP owners when upgrade their properties within their comfort levels.


    I have been working hand-in-hand with partners to serve clients from all walks of life. Partners Marketing does wonders for many of our past clients. Owners are not just relying on 1 salesperson to handle the marketing of the property but 3 altogether. Owners engage a dedicated team of 3 to maximize the marketing exposure via various digital portals (PropertyGuru,, The Edge, Nestia, Carousell, SRX, LinkUp etc), they are also tapping on our individual network and expertise in the designated regions (North, Northeast, Northwest, West, East & Central). All the partners are stationed in their respective regions (also known as their home ground). Knowledge about the specific region is at their finger tips and they know the amenities and latest developments nearby. Together with partners, we bring massive value to MOP Upgraders.


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      We have all it takes to serve your needs: Experienced Team Marketing + Professional Photography +  ​Digital Advertising.  

      Team Marketing is certainly better than Solo Marketing. Read more about our unique Partners Marketing.

      You will definitely not be disappointed by our standard of service. Be one of the satisfied clients who have left reviews and testimonials for us.

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